That’s right, you aren’t seeing double! Say hello to the latest members of Egan’s extended family.

Our Senior Driller, Shane Powell, has recently expanded his micro army of humans, bringing the total to four boys under 5 years old. This also happens to be the right amount of bodies to man an RC rig… coincidence? I think not!

Alexander (born 2740 grams) and Thomas (2330 grams) were born 12/9/19, three and a half weeks early. With some careful rostering
and two well-timed flights back from the rig, 100km south of Halls Creek, Shane landed just in time to see his life going from hectic but manageable, to downright crazy.

His wife Caroline has recovered well after giving birth to the little fellas at St John of God, Mt Lawley, and is being cared for by her doting husband Shane, and two other brothers William and Oliver, as well as Grandma and Nanna. Shane has taken six weeks off work and is mostly using his annual and paternity leave to cover the time off.

Egan is a huge supporter of the family unit and is always willing to assist with the difficulties encountered whilst living the FIFO lifestyle.

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