Tickets rule the world

“I don’t think it’s any secret that the first thing we look at when considering a resume is ticketing. It’s also the first thing our clients look at when mobilising a crew to a new site. These little plastic cards can literally make or break your opportunities in this industry. And while a certificate is the culmination of your training, what is really important is the skill that lies behind it and the verification of that skill in the real world” says Egan Operations Manager, David Minutillo.

This is where our VOC process comes into play. We are continually developing our Verification of Competency paperwork with our field staff, safety and management team and our clients as the job continues to evolve. Verification of Competency basically puts together your training with your field experience to deem you competent to carry out a specific task.

A great example of this is driving a truck off-road. This relies on multiple tickets and skills to come together before you are competent to carry out the task. The verification assures you have an ‘Operate and Maintain 4WD’ ticket, a valid HR truck license and have then been assessed by a driller/supervisor to ensure that you were able to demonstrate the required skills to safely carry out the task on your own.

On top of this, our crews the most highly ticketed in the industry. From MC truck licenses to Section 44 – Responsible Person Training, Certificate 4 and Diploma’s in Drilling, Class 1 & 2 Water Well Tickets, Trainer and Assessor, Fire Fighting, First Aid, Working at Heights, Rigging, Coded Welders, Leadership and Management Certs, as well as a huge range of machinery tickets.

One of our Safety KPI’s is to ensure that our training matrix has no gaps in it. This is achieved through constant investment in our staff through in-house training and advancement of their careers through the Australian Drilling Industry. Egan Drilling recognises that well trained, highly skilled and effective crews that lose very little time to avoidable, human error type incidents are pivotal to the success of our business operations.

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