Hydrogeological Drilling



Egan Drilling provides hydrogeological drilling services to mining and exploration companies. We provide comprehensive solutions for water exploration and the construction of small to large diameter production bores, whether for supply or dewatering purposes.

Small Bore Drilling and Construction (4" / 103mm)

We excel in drilling and constructing small diameter bores, ensuring a reliable bore water supply for your operations.

Large Bore Drilling and Construction (UP TO 14" / 335MM)

Egan Drilling is equipped to handle the drilling and construction of large diameter bores, meeting higher demand requirements for water supply or dewatering.

Pump Testing

Our comprehensive pump testing services ensure the efficiency and reliability of your water supply systems.

Geotechnical Monitoring Bore Drilling and Construction

We specialise in drilling and constructing monitoring bores to provide critical data for geotechnical assessments.

Geotechnical Piezometer Drilling and Installation

Egan Drilling has the expertise to drill and install piezometers, including VWP's (Vibrating Wire Piezometer's), crucial instruments for measuring groundwater levels and pressures.

Grouting/Gravel Packing

Our grouting and gravel packing services enhance bore integrity, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency.



Comprehensive Drilling Techniques

Mud Rotary

Egan Drilling's proficiency in Mud Rotary drilling provides versatility for different geological conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Rotary Air Blast (RAB) / Air Rotary

Our RAB and Air Rotary techniques offer efficient and effective drilling solutions, particularly in exploration and production bore applications.

Down Hole Hammer / Air Percussion

This method ensures precision in penetrating challenging rock formations, making it crucial for deep hole and exploration campaigns.

Multipurpose Drilling Methods

Rigs and ancillary equipment can be configured to accommodate a range of drilling techniques, offering flexibility to meet the unique requirements of your project.


Why Us?

Expertise & Experience

Tailored Solutions

We understand that water needs vary. Our approach is personalised to deliver the best results for your specific hydrogeological goals.

Experienced Team

Our licensed drillers have extensive experience in hydrogeological drilling, ensuring precision and efficiency in every project.

Dependable Equipment

We rely on advanced and reliable equipment to guarantee efficient and accurate operations.

Safety First

We strictly adhere to industry safety standards, prioritizing the well-being of our team, your project, and the environment.


Let's discuss your project

Embark on your hydrogeological endeavours with confidence. Contact Egan Drilling today for a tailored bore drilling solution that exceeds expectations