Rig 1 gets loaded!

Rig 1 has been kept quietly in the wings, as major refurbishments have taken place. Much to our excitement, the upgrades are complete! The Rig has been custom designed for clients who are looking for a versatile RC Rig to be used for grade control or resource definition around their mine sites.

 “The addition of a rod loader means increased productivity, ease-of-use, versatility, and most importantly, safety,” says David Minutillo, Egan’s Op’s Manager.

“This combination is even safer as it removes the driller’s offsider from the hazards associated with handling rods manually, including the risks of injury involved with adding or removing rods from the drill string, including rotating parts, heavy lifting, awkward body positions, pinch points, fatigue and repetitive strain.”

Some of the new features of the rig are:

  • On-board GPS Guidance and Alignment System,
  • Track-mounted,
  • Hands-free rod breakout,
  • A greater depth capacity (300m),
  • Dust suppression,
  • A survey winch,
  • An on-board booster,
  • A Metzke Rotary Cone Splitter,
  • A very small carbon footprint, and
  • Inlet for auxiliary compressor.


Contractors and drillers alike can rest assured that safety is foremost for Egan Drilling!

We have Supervisors and Mechanical support in the field at all times to assist with equipment maintenance, logistical and technical assistance. Get in touch to discuss how Rig 1 can benefit your project.

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