Flying high – Where are they now?

Nick McKay decided to leave Egan Drilling in 2017 to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.  Nick was a valuable member of the Egan Drilling family and still keeps in touch.

“Drilling had allowed me to travel to some pretty spectacular places over this sunburnt country of ours. I met an amazing variety of characters and had more than my fair share of character-building moments.

I really enjoyed working for a smaller company. There’s a great comradery amongst the crews, you’re not just a number you become part of the Egan Drilling family.

I started out as a “Green” offsider and was given the opportunity to work my way up to driller, and what an adventure it was. However, the time had come for me to move on to my next challenge ‘mastering the machines of the sky’.

I decided to call it a day in the drilling game and planned to use all the skills and attributes that I developed over the time working at Egan Drilling to follow my dream and become a commercial pilot”

– Nick McKay former Egan employee.

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