Rig 1 - ED250

Our Rig 1 (ED250) has quietly been kept in the wings for a while, having been undergoing a major refurbishment which is now complete. The Rig has been custom designed and fitted with a range of new features, such as: 

  • being track mounted,
  • having an inlet for auxiliary compression,
  • a greater depth capacity (250m),
  • dust suppression,
  • a survey winch,
  • an on-board booster,
  • a Metzke rotary cone splitter,
  • a very small carbon footprint, 
  • a very unique rod handling system that will enable it to drill RC holes ‘at very flat angles’: anywhere between 0 – 90°, and
  • an on-board GPS Guidance and Alignment System

ED250 Factsheet

This Rig has been designed for clients who are looking for a versatile Reverse Circulation Rig which can be utilised for grade control or resource definition around their mine sites.

The Rig has been mounted on a Caterpillar track frame, enabling it to conduct exploration drilling programs on difficult terrain, such as in hill work, banded iron ridges, and lakes. As always, the basic principle behind each of our designs is to provide a Rig that is flawless in performance as well as compact, easy to use, and most importantly cost-effective for the client. We’re always looking to improve our services where we can, and our equipment is no exception! 

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