RC Track Rig

The DE400, also known as the RC Track Rig, has been custom built for Egan Drilling, and features a Booster, Sampling System, Dust Suppression and Storage for up to 300m of Rods all in one machine.

This will enable clients to drill RC up to 300m deep on tight drill pads (450m on larger pads), as no support trucks or sample trailers are required. The track mounting also allows access to the most difficult sites.

Pad sizes range from 13m L x 10m W for Angled holes and even less for vertical holes.


CarrierCAT 330 Tracks
Air Capacity1470 CFM @ 900psi
Booster900psi Hurricane
Depth Capacity400m RC
Auto Rod HandlerUDR KL
Dust SuppressionDry Element
SamplingSandvik Cone Splitter
Auto Rod BreakoutAirdrill
Low NoiseEngine runs @ 1800 rpm
Survey Winch400m
Fire SuppressionSDS Ausminco

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