The key principle guiding the design of our drill rigs is to create a machine that is compact, sophisticated (yet simple enough that it’s safe and easy to use), easily transported, and readily available.

As a result, our clients are saving a significant amount due to no longer needing large, costly drill pads and POW approvals. Using our rigs also helps to minimize the risk of injury on site, due to reducing the amount of lifting and moving required. Our rigs are also considerably quieter, keeping the amount of noise well below industry-acceptable levels. They are engineered to run at 1800rpm and require no additional support – which is a great advantage in smaller pad construction.

Rig 1


All of our support vehicles are custom fitted with fuel and water carrying facilities, as well as heavy lifting equipment and storage for spare parts. Each rig comes with its own mobile trailer workshop with bulk fuel storage and full range of spare rig components, which enables us to be very self-sufficient on site.

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