It’s been nearly 50 years since the Egan family drilling story began, way back in 1968. Armed with only one rig in the goldfield town of Kambalda, Haydn Egan established his first company called Egan Exploration, during one of the first mining booms to hit WA.

But before this came to be, the lure of the mining industry saw Haydn Egan study engineering in Kalgoorlie, from which he was quick to secure a graduate position with the Western Mining Corporation (WMC). After spending some time studying deep hole drilling in South Africa, Haydn returned to Australia where he was responsible for the WMC project to test for southern extensions in the Golden Mile, drilling what were the deepest holes in our nation at that time.

In the years following the boom, Haydn returned to Perth and worked as a consultant for several drilling and prospecting companies, before launching Aquadrill, an innovative company specialising in deep directional drilling. Aquadrill was the first drilling company to introduce hydraulic top drive rigs to the Pilbara, and pioneered large diameter coring in Iron Ore, of which was perfected by introducing impregnated diamond coring bits.

Alongside the success of Aquadrill Haydn established Centreline Drilling, a company that was noted for exploring for oil in the Canning Basin, using slim line drilling techniques equipped with blow out prevention. RC hammer and water boring soon followed, leading Aquadrill to become one of Australia’s most diverse drilling companies in the 1980s.

It was thus during this time that Haydn became involved in training programs for drillers run by the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee (ADITC), and regularly presented papers at national conferences.  His last paper, presented in October 1992, was titled ‘Drilling Is More Than Just a Hole in the Ground’, which set the stage for his company’s core values and guiding principles. In 1994 Aquadrill was the first drilling company to obtain accreditation in Quality Assurance, and was congratulated on this achievement by the then minister for Mines, Colin Barnett, at a function held at the Trade Winds Hotel in Fremantle.

Renowned for his classical lateral thinking, Haydn was an academic who was clearly ahead of his time, and firmly believed that drilling should be recognised as a skilled profession.

In 1995 his son Matthew took over Aquadrill, who, with his vast knowledge of the drilling industry and astute business skills, is responsible for the Egan Drilling Services that we have today.  Earn Trust, Gain Respect, Always Do the Right Thing, Nothing’s Too Difficult are the core values our culture is built upon, of which we are immensely proud of. Egan Drilling is a testament to the history, innovation, and drive that is attributed to this industry, and we look forward to achieving more milestones and achieving great success for our clients in the years to come.

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