Drilling for Water

One of our current Hydro projects sees us setting up shop in the Pilbara for valued client Polaris Metals.

Polaris Metals engaged the services of Egan Drilling to construct several production bores for the purpose of de-watering their pit and extend mine life. These bores have been designed as 14’ completions with anticipated flow rates up to 200 l/s. Egan Drilling are proud to be working with Polaris Metals on such an important project.

Does your minesite need water or de-watering? Have a chat with our water boring team to see what Egan can do for you.

Our services range from the construction of small bores required for camps / drill programs 4” (103mm) to large diameter production bores 14” (356mm) intended for supply or de-watering. We not only drill your bores, we pump test as well if required eliminating the need for third-party contractors.
Our rigs have 20” slips table capable of handling the largest surface casing and offer multipurpose drilling methods, including:

• RC Hammer
• Air Core
• Rotary Air Blast (RAB)
• Down Hole Hammer &
• Mud Rotary

This enables our clients to explore for groundwater resources using any of the above methods, all with the same machine, saving considerable cost in mobilisation / de-mobilisation of any other plant and equipment.

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