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Flying high – Where are they now?

Nick McKay decided to leave Egan Drilling in 2017 to pursue a career as a commercial pilot.  Nick was a valuable member of the Egan Drilling family and still keeps in touch. “Drilling had allowed me to travel to some pretty spectacular places over this sunburnt country of ours. I

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Rig 1 gets loaded!

Rig 1 has been kept quietly in the wings, as major refurbishments have taken place. Much to our excitement, the upgrades are complete! The Rig has been custom designed for clients who are looking for a versatile RC Rig to be used for grade control or resource definition around their

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Let’s make everyday R U OK? Day

The official day for the “R U OK”? campaign is coming up in September.  It’s a campaign to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect with people around us and support anyone struggling with life. Got a niggling feeling that someone you know or care about it isn’t behaving as

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Inside the mind of a driller – Caz Nattrass

At Egan Drilling, we are bloody proud of each and every member of our crew. Caz is no exception to this rule! Although he has only been with the company for a couple of short months, we are extremely impressed with his work ethic and rig management style. He is

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Sentrient Online Compliance System

One of the biggest challenges we face in the business today is keeping track of the knowledge and training of our ever-growing body of staff. From tickets and licenses to procedure and policy review and the ever-changing landscape of workplace relations. This is even further hindered by the transient nature

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Water Bores can be required for a range of means, from small bores used in camps or drill programs, to large-diameter production bores intended for supply or dewatering. One of the services we offer at Egan is the monitoring of your bores on site, as well as providing the tools

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As a state that continues to stake its claim as the world’s lithium mining capital, Western Australia is at the forefront of our nation’s ‘economic engine room’, and thus a huge player in the commodities game. Whilst a mineral of multifaceted uses, the demand for Lithium has grown significantly in

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It’s been nearly 50 years since the Egan family drilling story began, way back in 1968. Armed with only one rig in the goldfield town of Kambalda, Haydn Egan established his first company called Egan Exploration, during one of the first mining booms to hit WA. But before this came

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Particularly when it comes to exploration and grade control, there are a variety of factors to first consider when deciding which drilling method will suit your project best. Aside from time and cost, it is important to anticipate the environmental impact of the works, the benefits, the depth of drilling,

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Establishing a safe working environment for your business is an essential part of its success, one that is measured by the health and well-being of your team, as well as productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. But who leads this quest in creating a safe place? And what does workplace safety

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